Who are we?

Multifamily Realty Gains is a group of skilled and native real estate experts devoted to satisfying our clients’ requirements quickly while making the procedure as easy and simple as possible. We buy property or home in any condition. We purchase whether it is like a new or even needs total renewal as well as everything in between. We regularly provide solutions for all those clients with a pending foreclosure or the ones that are in bankruptcy.

Our team is flexible very easy to work with and has a proven track record of making fair deals together. Involved through New York industrial spirit, Multifamily Realty Gains started out in 2014 and built on a first step toward providing outstanding care to every client. By deflecting the trends of buy-outs by much better nationwide real- estate organizations through the years,Multifamily Realty Gains Real Estate has grown to become stronger as we conserve our duty of responsibility towards the maximum level of reliability, personal attention, professionalism and trust as well as devoted service.

Through our continuing efforts, we now have fostered a solid brand name in Long Island New York and Dallas Texas. Clients dealing with Multifamily Realty Gains can expect supreme assistance, impressive procedures, a hands-on strategy, and entry to our attentive, nearby and knowledgeable agents who are empowered by amazing market intelligence, unmatched resources, and nationwide networking. Multifamily Realty Gains is the reliable resource for home buyers, sellers. It developed the world of a digital real estate couple of years ago, and from now on helps make everything home simple, efficient and enjoyable.

During 6 years of operation, our priority has always been to maintain strong relationships with employees and clients.

Beaufitul craftmanship over 6 yrs in the making

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Multifamily Realty Gains is built
by these fine folks

Prashant Kumar - Multifamily Realty Gains

Prashant Kumar, CCIM

Founder and Managing Partner

Prashant Kumar, CCIM is an Enthusiastic, Passionate, and Goal-Oriented Multifamily Operator. He applies his 25+ years of experience in corporate America to analyse Income producing assets in favourable markets and looks for long term capital appreciation for his investors. His projects have produced 20+ IRR year over years for Investors so far. He runs meetups in NY and runs online masterminds with many groups. He does JV and Syndication deals. Along with Multifamily, he has a passion to purchase Assisted Living Properties. He lives in Long Island with his wife, daughter, and son.

Edward Modzel

Edward Modzel

Founder and Managing Partner

Edward and his wife, Pilar, started investing in real estate in 1981. They have rehabbed and managed all of our own properties except for the four multifamilies currently owned. They sold off all the smaller properties to focus on larger multifamilies. They have an equity position in 834 units across 5 properties. Their acquisition strategy is to acquire class B/C multifamily apartment complexes in emerging markets that include a value-add component. They focus on population and job growth markets where they can reposition the asset through physical and operational improvements. Their intent is to use a reputable third party property management on new acquisitions. Mr. Modzel is a retired Chief Engineer for an Emmy Award winning TV Show and was part of the US Navy from 1973 to 1979.


It has been a
Wonderful Journey

Our founder work from his garage

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18 February 2009

Pahlawan CIty, East Java

Our first mockup website goes live

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7 May 2009


Moved into our first office in USA

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21 October 2012

Palo Alto, San Francisco

Opened our first UK Office

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01 April 2019

London, United Kingdom


Are you tired of trading your time for money? Are you tired of missing out on spending your time dedicated to what or who you love because you are too busy trying to earn more? Passively investing in multifamily real estate provides you with income with no extra work required from you. We help you to stop simply living to make an earning and put your earnings to work so you have time to make the life you want.


Real estate investing has been shown for centuries to be a reliable way to earn generational wealth and diversify your investment portfolio to protect you from the unpredictability of traditional Wall Street investments. We’ve done the hard work to identify the best investment opportunities to invest in that will help grow your wealth for yourself and your future generations.

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