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Networking relates to connecting/interacting with people and ultimately creating your presence (both professional and social). But this has become a herculean task in the given market situation. The coronavirus pandemic has thrown up an unprecedented crisis for the nations and businesses worldwide. Now networking has merely been reduced to telecommunication. But this does not subdue […]

Certain Ways to Analyze New Real Estate Markets

It seems like evaluating a new real estate market, a challenging task. Well, it is. As the majority of the beginners in real estate investing start dealing with the local markets. But not all local markets present the best opportunities. It is important to understand that there are way more options outside the local markets than […]

How to Flip Houses With No Investment?

Now I know that the above topic looks like a Ponzi scheme. For a newbie, real estate investor flipping a house with no money seems impossible. It makes sense though as it is pretty easy to invest in real estate with money. But there are ways where flipping houses with no money can take place. […]

The Emerging Significance of Self Guiding Apartment Tours

We are in a hassle right now as various economies have started relaxing the lockdown restrictions. This is good news for many, who’ve got stuck in their homes, tired of following social distancing norms. Now they can get back to their “normal” lives as usual.  Unfortunately, they are all wrong as this event can lead to a significant rise […]

Realty Upswings During the Pandemic

Realty Upswings During the Pandemic It’s been more than two months, there’s no sign of the pandemic going away. We’re more clueless than ever before, hoping for things to get back to normal. Looking at the no. of COVID cases globally, anyone can predict that the pandemic won’t go away any day soon. However, the […]

Multifamily Realty’s New Realities

As the economy heading towards the tenterhooks of possible break-down due to the pandemic. Various sectors including multifamily real estate have also taken a big hit. The big question jumps up: “What’s Next ?” The COVID19 pandemic has taken the world by storm; disrupting global supply chains, depletion of global GDP, and escalation of death […]

Breaking Down Apartment Syndication

The future of real estate investing lies in real estate syndication. To better understand real estate syndication, we simplify the understanding of the massive benefits that come with this emerging trend of real estate investments.  What is apartment syndication?  In real estate syndication is when a group of individuals, investors or companies come together to […]